Dogs & Hiding Food or Treats in the Home

Does your dog like to hide or bury his treats in your house?  Whenever I seem to give Pedro something he will usually take it and carry it in his mouth around the house trying to find the perfect spot to “bury” it for later.   His favorite spot is the pillow on the couch, he will place the treat under the pillow and try to cover it up with “dirt” aka the other pillow nearby using his nose.  While I find it cute, I am not a fan of surprises and always get a little frustrated when I find little bread pieces or bones that have been sitting for days under a pillow or in a corner of the house that isn’t used much. What is your experience with this? Does your dog love to bury his/her treats? Do they have a spot that they use the most?Image

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Super Pet Expo NJ 2013 Review

This past weekend NJ had a big snow storm, that unfortunately ruined Dog Toy Chest Chihuahuasome of our plans.  However, the Super Pet Expo was in town and I was determined not to let a foot of snow get in the way of us attending. Every year I take Pedro the Chihuahua to the expo and I always find the neatest little things there.  The expo is usually a weekend in February – and after I finagled a few things around – I was able to take Pedro just before their final day in town came to a close.

Although the Super Pet Expo is for pets, there are also rescues with animals for adoption, activities for the kids and shows put on – this year one of the acts was a Marvelous Mutts Dock Diving Show.  They also have some food stands if you get hungry.requires a $13/adult fee to attend, it is well worth it (kids are cheaper and more info can be found on their site here: In addition to hundreds of vendors

Super Pet Expo

After going up and down the aisles a few times – I found a few good finds and came home with a ton of goodies including; a wool sweater with bow-tie, toy chest with an opening at the bottom for small dogs to get the toys and a skull feeder (the bowls are missing because they are in the wash).

I also entered Pedro into the EVO Food Contest – you can help us win by clicking here and hitting “LIKE” on Pedro’s photo.  

The best part of the expo is that you can bring your pet, as long as they are on a leash (non-retractable). So Pedro got very tired out by the time we were done, which meant a nice quiet ride home!
Pedro the Chihuahua

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Dog Teaches Puppy How to Use the Stairs

This is just a testament to how loving our 4 legged friends are… and not just to their owners.

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Sleeping Chihuahua

Sleeping Chihuahua

Pedro is taking a nap with his paws hanging out of the blanket!

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iPhone Dog Breed Case & FB Giveaway!

Holiday gift and stocking stuffer alert!13_1_42_chihuahua_white200

We found these adorable dog silhouette iPhone 4 & 4S cases over at Steadfast Friends (a family-owned company offering canine-centric gifts). The cases are made of soft silicone, are available in 23 breed silhouettes and 3 different color combinations.

They even have temporary tattoos (73 different breeds) for the kids!\

Why is an iPhone case the perfect gift? Damaged iPhones have cost Americans $5.9 billion since their introduction in 2007, according to a recent study by mobile device insurer SquareTrade. The study also found that 30 percent of iPhone users have damaged their devices in the last 12 months alone. Protective cases can help reduce damage. Sharing the love of one’s dog on an iPhone case is a way to be both practical and pet-proud.

Why do we like this company? Steadfast Friends donates 10% of revenue from each sale to their canine-driven Charity Partners. Customers can direct a donation resulting from their purchase to any of Steadfast Friends’ Charity Partners.


How do I get one? Go to and purchase yours for $30.00 + tax, with FREE SHIPPING!

iPhone Case Facebook Giveaway! 

Steadfast Friends has teamed with Chihuahua Mamas to offer one U.S. winner one iPhone 4/4S case and one pack of temporary tattoos (both in the breed of their choice).

To be eligible for the giveaway, go “LIKE” Steadfast Friend’s Facebook page: and leave them the comment “Chihuahua Mamas sent me“. The winner will be chosen at random and will be announced on the Chihuahua Mamas Facebook page and blog on December 15th 2012.

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