Nylabone Bar-B-Chew Corn on the Cob

I found these cute little Nylabone Corn on the Cob chew toys in the local pet store. I bought one on the way out because it looked cute, figuring Pedro would have no real interest and just end up burying it in some corner like he does with every other bone. Wow, I was so wrong! He actually loves them and can go through one in a day or two (which is impressive for a little guy)! After looking at it more to try and figure out why he enjoys it so much there are a few things I noticed.

  • The yellow kernel portion is super soft, and I don’t think it irritates him like other harder chew toys do.
  • The center, because it comes in, allows him to get a better grip with his paws so he can actually continue chewing without having it drop consistently (if only they had thumbs).
  • Once the yellow parts are chewed off (they help massage the gums) the center is actually chewable as well and aids in cleaning the teeth.

Overall, I am very happy with this find. We have been through several Bar-B-Chew Corns already and I always keep a few spares on hand for those times where I need to my little chihuahua busy so I can get some work done.

Nyla Bone Corn on the Cobb

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