Pedro the Chihuahua Update

Hi All! Pedro the Chihuahua and I are hanging in there.  Pedro has been sick on and off since early March and we are trying to find out what is wrong.  If you follow Pedro on his facebook page you will read that it first began as a cold after spending a few hours at puppy day camp. It seemed to be respiratory and he started a series of antibiotics which helped to clear most of it away.

The other day, Pedro woke up hacking (what seemed to be a combination of reverse sneeze/asthma) he collapsed on the floor in front of me as I was trying to get out of the shower to help him.  He was immediately rushed to his Vet who confirmed  my thoughts… although I do think there is still more going on in addition to the asthma/reverse sneeze.

Pedro is back on medication and in the next few days I will provide more detailed updates about each situation.  Since this was his first respiratory issue, there is a lot for me to write about that I am sure others who may be going through the same issue can relate to. Please send your prayers over to my little guy. I hate seeing him sick.

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2 Responses to Pedro the Chihuahua Update

  1. Kori Brumley says:

    Hi, my prayers go out to you and Pedro. I know it is sad and scary to see your pets not feeling well. I am dealing with what seems to be the same issues with my 8 month old chihuahua. I also have a 10 year old chihuahua with knee and digestive issues but nothing quite as scary as the reverse sneezing and other issues that go along with it. Jax, my 8 month old chi, has had three episodes of the reverse sneezing (and also a few other symptoms). I do not believe it to be a coincidence that the episodes have occurred almost exactly a month apart each time. May 16, June 10, and this morning July 10. The vets have told me that he has allergies but I have serious doubts about this diagnosis. If it were allergies, I would think that it would happen a lot more often. Anyway, I was wondering what diagnosis, if any, that Pedro has been given. I am very interested in learning what other symptoms Pedro has experienced because from what you describe in this post, I think we could be dealing with the same thing. Jax has not collapsed but with each of the episodes he has had seizure like symptoms. Sorry for the long post…. I am just very worried about what the root cause of these sneezing fits and stiff shaking might be. I look forward to hearing from you!!

    • Hi Kori,

      Thank you for your kind words. Pedro is hanging in there and his episodes have actually gotten much better. The Dr’s seem to think that Pedro’s was most likely a mix of reverse sneezing and asthma from allergies. He also had a SEVERE respiratory infection for a few weeks prior to his first episode which went away and then came back again a month later. I do not believe he had asthma, so I did not continue to give him his meds (I have been a severe asthmatic all my life) it seemed to be more in his snout/throat rather than lungs and the asthma medication never helped him (I think it was more of a thing to try and act like they knew the root cause). No seizure symptoms just a lot of lethargy, diarrhea and vomiting for months. You may want to look into a condition called collapsing trachea (if you haven’t already). So far he still has the reverse sneeze episodes about once every other week. The digestive issues have stopped since I have switched him to a more basic diet: Dave’s Chicken & Rice – can, Blue Buffalo Chicken & Rice – can (this one has a little more veggies than Dave’s) and our local pet store The Hungry Hound in Somerville NJ makes their own food which Pedro loves. These have helped greatly with his digestive problems. I have also made sure I vacuumed 2x more than before and have begun steaming the carpet as well just to reduce allergens. Recently we found a lump in Pedro’s neck that we are watching, it is small and seems to be painless. I wish you lots of luck with Jax! I know it is very scary because they cannot speak to us, but I suggest listening to your gut because we know our fur-babies better than anyone else. Prayers with you!!

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