YumZies Dog Treats & MrChewy.com

As we are weening Pedro back on a normal diet after a few months of feeling under the weather, today we tried Yumzies dog treats that we got from www.MrChewy.com!

Yumzies come from nootie who you may be familiar with if you use their grooming products. I like the packaging of the YumZies, colorful with a see-through window to view the treats and I love that the bag is resealable. The bag prominently displays that the treats are grain free (no wheat, corn or soy) and that they contain Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids which supports a healthy coat and skin. The first ingredient in the treats is chicken. They are made in the USA.

Dog Treats

Get yours from http://www.mrchewy.com!

We got the mini size (since Pedro is tiny) in the natural cheese flavor, but they do make normal size YumZies dog treats as well. YumZies also comes in a bunch of other flavors like BBQ Chicken, Hickory Bacon and Peanut Butter which can all be found on the Mr. Chewy site.

YumZies would be prefect to bring along for training classes or to just reinforce good behavior and as you can see Pedro highly recommends them!

Chihuahua Eating Treats

A special thank you to the Mr.Chewy online pet store from Mr. Pedro! If you haven’t checked out Mr. Chewy yet, they carry a bunch of other great products for pets (food, pads, health products, cat litter) and deliver all orders right to your door so you don’t have to lug everything in and out of the car. Very convenient.

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