Thanksgiving Dinner Dog Dangers

When Thanksgiving dinner is cooking, everyone’s mouth begins to water; including your pets! Here are some food items to be aware of:

High Fat Foods: such as turkey skin, ham, gravy, butter and desserts may cause inflammation of your dog’s pancreas. Pancreatitis causes intense abdominal pain and vomiting and requires hospitalization to recover. Keep foods sealed in containers and enclosed in a high space or the refrigerator and don’t forget to make sure the trashcan is tightly secured.

Bones: Chewing on bones, particularly turkey bones can cause splintering. Once swallowed, the splinter bones can cause trauma to the intestinal tract, requiring surgery. Ham bones, while they tend not to splinter, are hard and can fracture teeth during chewing.

Raisins – Commonly found in stuffing, can be toxic to your dogs (just like grapes). Ultimately it can lead to kidney failure or death.

Nuts: Found on the table alone, or within food, nuts like macadamia nuts can cause ataxia (wobbliness), muscle tremors, and vomiting.

Onions and onion powder: In large enough quantities can cause a sudden onset of anemia.

Foreign Objects, such as string (used to tie the turkey), skewers, plastic bags and turkey poppers can get lodged in the digestive system and cause major issues.

Liquids: watch out for the drinks such as alcohol & coffee/caffeine –  all of which are major no-nos!

By making sure you and your guests are aware of the food dangers for our fur-babies during the holiday we can make this holiday a safer one.

However, if you suspect your dog might have eaten something that is toxic, call your local emergency vet immediately. The ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center is also another great resource (888) 426-4435 but in some cases a $65 fee may apply for this service.

Feel free to leave some additional cautions in the comments below.

Be safe and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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