To Boot Or Not To Boot? The Dog Boot Dilemma

As the weather starts to get chillier here in NJ, I always make sure I have Pedro all set up for walks outside in the cold. Of course he has sweaters and hoodies (which he loves) but the one thing I was never able to get him to wear was a pair of boots.

dog boots

Now some people might think “he is a dog, he will be fine, they do not need to wear shoes or clothes,” however, living in a town-home development, the landscaping men are always outside  throwing piles of salt onto the pavement and sidewalk which can really irritate a dogs paw and be poisonous if they lick it.

Usually halfway through our walk Pedro starts limping (it is so cute) and looks at me like, “ok mom, it is time to pick me up.” Today was no different. It started snowing early this morning, and most of the road was slushy. When we went for our afternoon walk we made it about a half a block and I got “the look”.

Now I have bought a few pairs of boots for Pedro in the past, but he is either just dreadfully uncomfortable in them (prancing around like a show-horse) or bites at them till he can get them off.  I try to put balm on his paws before we go out in winter weather, and make sure they are wiped down after, but boots would be so much easier.

So here I am, ready to try again. If your dog uses boots, what kind are they?

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One Response to To Boot Or Not To Boot? The Dog Boot Dilemma

  1. Davi says:

    Im thinking of getting my molly booties, but im a bit unsure, as i think it would seem a little over the top. Of course in your case, they practically seem necessary. But the little island i live on, im sure they’ll think im going a bit nutty! Good luck with getting him to wear them though! 🙂

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