To Boot Or Not To Boot? The Dog Boot Dilemma

As the weather starts to get chillier here in NJ, I always make sure I have Pedro all set up for walks outside in the cold. Of course he has sweaters and hoodies (which he loves) but the one thing I was never able to get him to wear was a pair of boots.

dog boots

Now some people might think “he is a dog, he will be fine, they do not need to wear shoes or clothes,” however, living in a town-home development, the landscaping men are always outside  throwing piles of salt onto the pavement and sidewalk which can really irritate a dogs paw and be poisonous if they lick it.

Usually halfway through our walk Pedro starts limping (it is so cute) and looks at me like, “ok mom, it is time to pick me up.” Today was no different. It started snowing early this morning, and most of the road was slushy. When we went for our afternoon walk we made it about a half a block and I got “the look”.

Now I have bought a few pairs of boots for Pedro in the past, but he is either just dreadfully uncomfortable in them (prancing around like a show-horse) or bites at them till he can get them off.  I try to put balm on his paws before we go out in winter weather, and make sure they are wiped down after, but boots would be so much easier.

So here I am, ready to try again. If your dog uses boots, what kind are they?

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Sleeping Baby Chihuahua Video

We loved this video and just had to share.

Not many of us had the blessing of seeing our little-ones when they were this young. This is because it is recommend that puppies stay with their mother for several weeks after birth so that they receive proper nutrition and guidance. The little chihuahua in the video appears to be just waking up from a nap and doing things that my Pedro does now: stretching and eating their foot!

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Top Dog Holiday Outfit Picks – Boys

Will your dog be taking photos with Santa or attending Hanukkah festivities with your family? Or perhaps he has a fancy date with the pup next door?

Whether you normally dress up your pooch or just deck them out for the holidays to be cute, you need to make sure that the clothing is comfortable, safe and pup-approved! So check out the list below for Pedro’s top holiday “menswear” picks for dogs and stay tuned for some helpful tips on purchasing dog clothing!

Chihuahua Clothes

1) G.W. Little’s White Tuxedo Bib for Dogs is perfect for those black-tie holiday occasions or even to get your pup spruced up for wedding festivities.  Made in the USA! With a cotton bib, satin bow, crystal detail and easy velcro closure – Pedro the Chihuahua gives this little number 2 paws up! It also comes in a red and black version. G.W. Little is a great place to find other small dog clothing as well, so check them out.

Chihuahua Christmas Sweater


2)  For the cuteness effect, Petco has an adorable reindeer hoodie (Wag-a-Tude Reindeer Dog Hoodie). And it may be a good choice for those of you who prefer to shop in store rather than online.


Dog Snowman Sweater

3) We found this really adorable snowman sweater by FouFou Dog on Amazon – which is more generic and can easily be worn well into the winter months without being labeled “holiday”. They make a penguin version as well.


Looking for something specific? Don’t be afraid to use Google , comment below or join us on our facebook page and post some questions for the rest of our fans!

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A Dog Thanksgiving

Chihuahua Dog Thanksgiving

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Hurricane Sandy Pet Donations

Pet donations are still needed for the NY & NJ area who were hit by Hurricane Sandy. Being located in New Jersey, Pedro and I continue to see the need for supplies for our neighbors at the shore. There are many ways you can help, even if you do not have funds for supplies.Hurricane Sandy Pets

  1. Spread the word via social media, like facebook, it is free! One of our favorite facebook pages dedicated to Hurricane Sandy animals is Hurricane Sandy Lost & Found Pets. Scroll through the photos of those animals that are lost/found and see if you can find a match. Share photos to get the word out.
  2. Foster. Many animals also need temporary foster homes while their families rebuild. Sites like Foster A Sandy Pet can help match pets with potential foster families.
  3. Donations. NJ/NY appreciates everyone that has donated and continues to donate. As long as you bring the donations, we will continue to distribute them.

Requested supplies include:
• Food – Dog & Cat(wet or dry), Rabbit, Bird, Etc…
• Clean Bedding, Sheets, Blankets
• Clean Towels
• Litter & Litter Pans
• Food and Water Bowls
• Cleaning Supplies
• Dog, Cat, Bird, Etc…Toys
• Cages, Crates, Runs
• Dog Houses
• Cat Condos
• Collars & Leashes

Below is a list of those assisting in donation distribution or needing donations:

  • Briarwood Veterinary Hospital is taking donations for the many displaced animals of Hurricane Sandy. All items will be distributed directly to NJ Shore Animal Shelters and Animal Rescue. You can drop off donations during business hours or ship. Their address is: Briarwood Veterinary Hospital, 1100 Route 9 South, Howell, NJ 07731
  • Guyon Rescue is located in Staten Island NY, an area hit very hard but not mentioned in the news outlets like the Jersey Shore was. Guyon Rescue is collecting all types of donations, including pet, and helps to distribute them among the area. I personally work with one of the volunteers here and they have been doing great work. They are also on facebook. You can ship or drop off donations. Someone is there 24/7. They are located at 575 Mill Road, Staten Island NY, 10306.
  • The Monmouth County SPCA is in need of all items and are operating out of their Pet Pantry at 264 Wall Street
    Eatontown, NJ 07724 to distribute items for pet owners in need.

Please feel free to post in the comments section if you have any additional information you would like to share regarding needs.  NY & NJ appreciate your help!

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